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SP STALLS - Toilet Partition Supplier

551 Commercial Street, Acton, Ontario L9T 3R2Show Map - 20 Jun, 2019


It is our mission to create long term relationships with our customers, contractors and architects by offering them the best service, deliveries and installations possible. We strive everyday to make sure we give our customers the best price and the correct material for they're specific project. Representing Ontario for 20 years with bathroom cubicles, lockers and Accessories. Providing expert advice, help and assistance makes working with SP Stalls the best experience in the industry.With daily freights travelling throughout Ontario filled with toilet partitions and bathroom accessories. It all starts in the morning from the beautiful city of Toronto. The central location with over 2.5 million people residing within, you have all at one point passed or seen our delivery trucks. Lift the seat and don't forget to flush in thoughts of SP Stalls. The rough rugged and raw of the locker scene. When it comes to Phenolic Lockers you can't think of a bad thing to say.

551 Commercial Street Suite #63 Milton ON L9T 4R9





551 Commercial Street, Acton, Ontario L9T 3R2

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