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27 Cedargrove Road, Brampton, Ontario L7E 2L5Show Map - 10 Oct, 2019


Cedar Hills has completed 100s of projects in interior and exterior renovations over the past 12 years ranging in both scope and size. We are committed to providing our customers with quality workmanship, clear timelines, outstanding project management and competitive pricing. Our teams are specialists in specific aspects of interior and exterior renovations which means that quality is guaranteed and customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide a complete solution for all your renovation requirements. The Renovation Experts at Cedar Hills strives to provide homeowner satisfaction throughout every phase of their renovations. With every project we complete, we add to our family of satisfied clients, in our on-going mis

27 Cedargrove Rd Bolton ON L7E 2L7





27 Cedargrove Road, Brampton, Ontario L7E 2L5

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