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eSim App to Get Multiple phone numbers

Cornwall, Ontario - 09 Oct, 2018


Numero eSIM

Numero’s Features & User Guide

eSIM technology is the promising telecommunication technique which is steadily taking steps to replace physical SIMs. This VoIP-based modern technology affords unlimited features and services that are practically demanded for businesses owners and regular users.

What is VoIP? VoIP Technology In The Simplest Words (Backlink)

Briefly, eSIM (Electronic – or Embedded SIM) provides its users with many functions they can’t have when using the regular physical SIM. Your phone can handle one, or at best, two SIMs, while with eSIM apps; you can have multiple phone numbers (Virtual SIMs) from various countries at costs that are nearly the same as local. That little chip you insert in your phone is the way you get identified by your phone’s network carrier. That applies to eSIMs too. Unlike regular SIMs, eSIMs use your internet network to communicate and make outgoing or received calls. All you need to afford is a good internet connection and you’d be ready to start enjoying your phone eSIM bank.

[Photo: An opened SIM slot of a phone with a hand holding 5 SIMs – Question marks around – Concept: “How can I use many SIMs while my phone can handle only one or two?”]

One of these leading eSIM applications is NumeroeSIM. Numero is a fully-featured eSIM application that allows its users to buy multiple phone numbers and use each dedicatedly, without SIM cards. Numero provides you with numbers from the world’s top countries (USA, UK, Canada, Spain and many others). With Numero, you will easily make international phone calls at lower costs like if it was a local outgoing call. Numero’s outstanding features are available when you are online, and some, when you are offline as well! The app’s interfaces are user friendly and need no experience to deal with.

Numero’s Features & Services

NumeroeSIMhas some outstanding features to clarify why it can be your first app to try when you want to discover the virtual phone numbers world. Objectively, Numero app is a comprehensive eSIM system developed and designed for business owners, expats, travelers, marketers, freelancers, and of course, regular users:

• Multiple phone numbers on one device
• No need for physical SIM cards
• Free roaming
• Cheap international and local calls
• Call Forwarding and Voicemail functions
• Calls reception anywhere around the world
• Group Calling: To call multiple people at the same time
• Private Number: Make calls with your real number hidden
• Offline services: Forward received calls to your local numbers
• Always notified: Notifications for SMS and Calls while offline
• WhatsApp and SMS (When Applicable)
• Back Off Anytime: Subscription cancelation anytime you want
• Ad-free app: No annoying ads on Numero
• Affordable: Subscriptions start with €5
• All Common Tongues: AvailableinEnglish, Arabic, French and Spanish

How to Use Numero eSIM?

That is what distinguishes Numero! It is easy to use with user-friendly interfaces. You can subscribe within 60 seconds. You won’t even need a guidance to help you benefit from all its features. To learn more about NumeroeSIM and how it works, watch this short video on YouTube (In English): Numero eSIM User Guide – YouTube

For more detail, Contact Numero Global.

Download Numero eSIM Android App - https://numero.global/Dwn?cmp=IC-android-app

Download Numero eSIM IOS App - https://numero.global/Dwn?cmp=IC-iphone-app

Send us your Inquiry at https://numero.global/Dwn?cmp=IC

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