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Eligibility to get a sponsorship License in the UK | ICS Legal

London, Ontario - 30 Apr, 2019


All employers wishing to recruit foreign national workers require registering for Sponsorship License with the United Kingdom. Registration is mandatory if you wish to employ workers from outside of the UK.
Credentials of the sponsor License
• The organization should be legally working within the law in the United Kingdom.
• The company should be committed to fulfilling its sponsorship duties.
• Applicants must not have any history of failing to carry out sponsorship duties.
• Employers have to ensure that they do not commit any criminal convictions.
However, for the registration to be accepted as an employer eligible to recruit employees, the condition must be fulfilled that cannot be ignored. You may find difficulties to meet the entire requirement prescribed by the UK government. Here, at ICS LEGAL, you will have quality service as its service is professional to meet the client requirements. We have built a strong relationship with the business communities which enable us to manage the progress of your application effectively. We hope you will be keeping in touch to allow us to make your visa process easier.
Therefore, for legal help contact us before it is late. Our email: info@icslegal.com
You can speak to one of our friendly legal advisers on 0207 237 3388.
Read more on the following https://www.sponsorlicence.com

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