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Jumbo Munch Balls For Pets | Jumbo Munch Balls Montreal

Montreal, Quebec - 05 Sep, 2022
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Loco Shop offers Jumbo Munch Balls which are an awesome toy for your pet bird or even small animals. These vine balls come both coloured and natural. Your pet parrot will love to throw and Great for small to medium birds, or larger birds that are timid chewers. Shipped natural only.

Toy parts are a fantastic, fun way to get more involved with your bird's playtime! Building your own toys allows you to use exactly what your bird likes, the way they like it. From foraging to enrichment we have everything you need to create unique, safe toys for your feathered friend.

Munch balls are a popular choice for many applications. They can have seeds and other treats loaded into them quite easily for use as a foraging item, they can also be used for enrichment purposes if strung on a rope or leather. Available in natural or coloured using safe, food-grade dye.


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