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Dog Walking and Boarding services in Oshawa!

Oshawa, Oshawa, Ontario L1K 2L1 - 10 Mar, 2022


Hi! My name is Gabor, I love all animals, and have had dogs and cats for over 20 years.

My last dog, Lilly-poo -a gorgeous, loving and super active standard poodle was always energetic, playful, and needed constant attention and stimulation. We used to go out together for long walks, where she was able to release all her pent-up energy and have a great and fun experience. She would come home tired and satisfied.

Now I love doing this for other dogs. So this is how it works:

I will pick up your dog from your home and we will be out for 1 hour exploring Oshawa’s multiple parks, trails and natural areas.

Your dog will get the benefit of lots of exercise and plenty of time to play, while under close and constant supervision. And I will make sure that they’re safe and that all their needs are taken care of.

Walks (1 hour):

Mon-Fri: $35 per walk (1-2 times per week)
$30 per walk (3-5 times per week)

* Discount for clients enrolled in the monthly pre-payment plan & for households with multiple dogs.

I also provide the following services.

Home-Style Boarding:
Your dog will be welcomed into my home to live as one of my family members. I will accommodate based on their needs so that they feel at ease while you are away.

Boarding: $60 per 24-hour period
Daycare: $45 up to 8-hour full day

* Dogs need to be friendly towards other dogs and get along with children as they will be free to roam in my home.
** Discount will be provided for stays longer than 10 nights.

Please contact me at: 647-772-8722

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