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Leaving your future up to fate?

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Do you feel like your success or failure in life is just a matter of luck? Are you feeling helpless about improving your lot in life?

Nearly everyone would like to improve conditions in their life. But how do you do it?

What if there were exact formulas one could follow to improve the state of any aspect of life—education, marriage or career?

Contained in this booklet are tools to change conditions. Applied exactly, they can not only end hardship and worry, but also bring about a whole new level of well-being and success across every aspect of life.

These are exact tools which, when applied correctly, bring an end to contraction, worry and distress and mark a new era of stability, expansion, influence and well-being.

Find out:

The exact formulas to stably improve any part of life
Why some organizations emerge from a crisis smaller and the remedy for this situation
How to maintain a powerful and influential position
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