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Vancouver, British Columbia - 22 Apr, 2020
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  • Mr Shawarma Café Ltd
  • Full Time


Mr Shawarma Café Ltd at Unit-104, 1305 Frances St, Vancouver, BC is hiring cooks for a full-time position. Duties would be to prepare food and other snacks as per orders, direct Kitchen helpers to prioritize and handle cooking operations, keep the kitchen area clean and tidy, may train the new staff, ensure the quality of food meet standards, inspect kitchen and food service areas, Follow all the cooking guidelines as per determined by chef, estimates ingredients for food requirements, also supervise the kitchen staff. Minimum experience of 1 year or more as cook is required. No formal education is required. Salary would be of $ 16.00/hr. Minimum work of 40 hrs will be given. Please email your resume at shawrmacafe[at]outlook.com

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