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Expert Family Mediation Services in Windsor

Windsor, OntarioShow Map - 19 Aug, 2019


Do you have a legal problem that you would prefer to keep private?
Would you like a resolution without delay?
Is reducing your expense to resolve this problem important to you?
Mediation may be the answer!

The traditional adversarial method of resolving a legal dispute usually involves Hiring of legal counsel for each party at $200 to $300 per hour. Each party taking extreme positions in an attempt to create the “perfect case” Each party to the action becomes entrenched in their respective positions now that it is part of a public record and they have a significant emotional and financial investment in the position. Significant effort and expense is then required to be expended by each opponent to dismantle the other party’s case and establish the other as untruthful. Denial and frustration set in and counsel decide that a trial is necessary. A trial date is set about 8 to 12 months into the future. The parties settle the case when a trial is imminent and they can no longer tolerate the emotional and financial strain. Occasionally, a trial does occur and a judge imposes a decision on the parties after making an assessment of who is believable, and in accordance with established rules of procedure, rules of law, and his or her own biases and perceptions.


Windsor, Ontario

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